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APR 24-26, 2019 | SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA

Media & Online Policy

This policy applies to all activities organized for the news media during or in connection with the HGM2019 by third parties. It aims to ensure that information distributed to journalists concerning the meeting and research presented at it is accurate and is issued at the correct times, complying with any embargoes that may be in place.

All third parties are requested to adhere to this policy.

Third party press events

Companies or other organizations wishing to organize a news conference or any other event for the media during the conference should send a request in writing to HUGO administration. Any media event must pertain to presentations being made to the conference in oral or poster sessions, i.e. not at satellite symposia. Reference to the conference can only be made in connection with scientific presentations planned in the official program of the meeting. This policy applies to any media event, regardless of whether it is held on or off site. The program and invitations for any third party media event should be submitted to and agreed by the HUGO administration before any invitations are sent out.

Third party media materials must not contain the logo of HUGO, and must not be presented in any way that could be construed as suggesting endorsement by HUGO. HUGO does not make media lists available to third party organizations.

Social Media Guidelines

HUGO supports the use of social media around the conference to network with your colleagues and friends attending the meeting. Please do however respect the social media guidelines, including the following:

  • Follow HUGO on Twitter (@humangenomeorg) and use the #HGM2019 meeting hashtag to follow the latest updates and join in the conversation about the HGM2019.
  • Follow HUGO on Facebook at
  • You may blog or tweet about content of the talks, unless the speaker explicitly asks you not to share either the entire talk or specific details or slides.
  • Communicate in a respectful and considerate way, and show your criticism in a fair, constructive and professional manner.
  • Do remember that people who will read your postings or tweets are not necessarily genetic professionals, but also patients, policymakers, members of the media, and the general public.
  • The use of photography, video, or other type of recording devices in oral sessions (plenary, educational, concurrent sessions and symposia) and poster sessions at HGM2019 is strictly prohibited. Hence posting pictures or videos of these sessions on any social media platform, blogs, or websites, etc., is also strictly prohibited.
  • Do not capture or re-distribute data presented at HGM2019 as this may jeopardize the subsequent publication of the data in a scientific journal. Powerpoint presentations must not be photographed under any circumstances. Do respect journal embargo policies and the work of your colleagues.
  • Refrain from engaging in personal attacks or showing rude behavior.
  • Participants should not post copyrighted or trademarked material or material protected by other intellectual property rights.

The views and opinions posted on HUGO’s social media do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or policies of HUGO, its Council or membership.

Photographs & Video Streaming

The organizer may without the further consent of the participants use and release pictures and videos taken during the conference for reports of the conference and/or in future marketing materials. By registering to this conference, attendees agree that photographs or sound or video recordings taken during the conference that could include recognizable images or voices of those in attendance may be posted on the website. All recordings are treated sensitively and discreetly. Names will not be published. The conference is held in a public space, therefore we do not prohibit participants, exhibitors, sponsors, or news organizations from photographing, video or audio-taping some conference activities. The organizer reserves the right to use images taken at the conference with your photograph and/or likeness on social media and/or in future marketing materials. The organizer is NOT responsible for individual attendee’s use of your image or likeness.